Te Pou o te Oranga – Our Board

Current Trustees

  •  Angela Culshaw-Kaisa – Chairman & Tino Uaratanga

  • Amanda Westcott– Te Ao

  • Cheyenne Aranui – Ira Tangata

  • Jose Manuel – Te Reo

  • Miriama Ainsley – Ngā Iwi & Ahuatanga Ako




The Tiamana will provide leadership to Te Pou O Te Oranga, that will ensure that Trustees can carry out their Roles and Responsibilities.   


This can be achieved by:
  • Welcoming new Te Pou O Te Oranga Trustees and leads inductions.
  • Ensuring that the work of Te Pou O Te Oranga is completed.
  • Ensuring that Te Pou O Te Oranga Trustees  act within policies and delegations at all times and do not act independently of the Kura.
  • Set the agenda and ensure that all Trustees have the required information for informed discussion of the agenda items, ensuring that the hui agenda content clearly belongs to the Trustees to decide.
  • Effectively organises and presides over te Pou o Te Oranga hui,  ensuring that such meetings are conducted in accordance with relevant policies.
  • Ensuring all Trustees have the opportunity to participate in all discussions, ensuring all Trustees have a fair opportunity to be heard ensures a collective opinion can be gathered and decisions made.
  • Representing the Whanau to external parties as an official spokesperson for the school except for those matters where this has been delegated to another person/s.
  • Identify the decisions that need to be made belong to Te Pou O Te Oranga and not to the other groups within the Haumaru.
  • Is responsible for promoting effective communication with the Haumaru including communicating appropriate Pou o Te Oranga decisions.
  • Establishing and maintaining a productive working relationship with the Tumuaki for the benefit of the Kura.
  • Ensuring that the Tumuaki performance agreement and appraisal are completed on an annual basis.
  • The Tiamana has  the right, by resolution, to exclude any Whānau (other than
  • the Trustees) from the whole or part of the proceedings in accordance with the Meetings Act. Decisions by the Trustees are fully recorded but remain confidential. The Trustees need to: 
a) Make the reasons for excluding the public clear.
b) Reserve the right to include any non-trustee member it chooses.
Kaimahi/Akonga Representative
The kaimahi/akonga representative brings a kaimahi/akonga perspective to Te Pou o Te Oranga discussion and decision making.  
As a Representative, the kaimahi/akonga representative is elected by their peers to serve the interests of the school at governance level. They have equal voice, vote, standing and accountability to any other Representative.


This policy can be presented in person upon request.